5 Signs that your deceased loved ones are around you

Death is a scary word that haunts everyone. While the demise of your loved one can be heart-wrenching, many people still believe that their loved ones around them after they are gone. From ordinary people to psychics and spiritual people, many people have reported unexplained experiences and feelings that they feel like their deceased loved ones are around them.

The reality check is- By feeling sensations, dreams or just hearing a meaningful song, your deceased loved ones are making attempt to connect with you. So, let’s read about the 5 signs that make sure that your deceased loved ones are around you.

Sensing their presence 

If you feel a brush of hair, a warmth, a gentle touch or someone holding your hand, there are utmost chances that your loved ones are around you. The most common sense is feeling the touch. This ability can manifest in feeling, but not actually anything touching you like someone is lying in the bed next to you or sitting with you.


Have you ever get a satisfying and familiar smell in the atmosphere? The ability to smelling deceased fragrance or spirit is known as clairgustance. These can be the fragrance of perfume, flowers, cigar smoke, cooking etc. If you feel like someone is smoking while no one does except your deceased uncle, there are chances he is around you.

Favorite numbers pop-up

The spirits or deceased loved ones communicate with us through the use of the numbers. These are repeated numbers which are trying to convey some message to us. Many people reported that they start seeing the numbers pop up on clocks, television or in books. These number sometimes relate to the date of birth, favorite number or even important dates.

Spirit visitation dream

This is the most common way by which spirit or your deceased loved ones get in touch with you. These dreams are quite different than usual dreams. In these dreams, your deceased loved one enters the dream and surrounded by lights. They may talk to ask you a few questions or deliver some message to you. They will tell you that everything is peaceful and make you at peace.

Animals in nature

According to many people, their loved one transforms themselves into some kind of creature or animal after they die. Some animals or creature like a bird or a butterfly may catch your attention out of the blue and you may sense something familiar about them. Many people have strong indicators that their deceased loved one are trying to make contact.

To sum up

No doubt, losing a loved one is devastating. The feeling of not seeing them ever is heartbreaking. Many people have the feeling that their loved ones come to visit them in different ways for days, weeks or even years. It’s quite common that deceased loved ones often try to get in touch with you in different ways. It’s up to you if you feel and find in which form they are coming to meet you.

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