Bio Cremation- a Synopsis

Bio-cremation, which is also known as Alkaline Hydrolysis or Aquamation is a responsible and gentle alternative to burial, without affecting the environment. This eco-friendly cremation uses a water-based alkaline solution as a replacement fire. This process decomposes the body in soil and therefore, considered as a natural process for body .

How to carry out the process? 

To carry out the process of bio-cremation, you have to place a corpse into a pressurized cremation chamber made of stainless steel where 5 % alkali and 95% water are added and the temperature is closed to 350 degrees F. The water does not reach to boiling point but breaks the body into chemical elements.

In short, tissue, skin, and muscles are dissolved and only bones left behind. Heat, alkali, and water, altogether circulated over the deceased body and thus, causes a reaction that starts and ends the process of bio-cremation. The whole process takes approximately 3 hours to finish.

Benefits of Bio Cremation

- No need for a casket

- Gentle and respectful process compared to burial cremation

- Medical implants can be recycled and unaffected

- Affordable

- Ashes are given back to family for scattering or burial

- No mercury emission or hazardous greenhouse gases

- uses 90% less energy

Things to consider during Bio Cremation

Bio-cremation or water cremation is an extremely eco-friendly option as there are no air emissions admitted into the environment at the time of the process. The effluent (sterile by-product) from bio-cremation is made of amino acids, soaps, sugars and small pesticides is sent to water recycling via municipal water treatment where the water is purified, filtered and recycled back to the earth in lakes, streams, aquifer etc.

In short, the body is recycled without damaging the environment.

Meaningful services for families

Bio-cremation is a meaningful service for families as they can hold a gathering, or event to celebrate the life of the deceased after the process of green cremation gets over.

Various Casket options

During bio-cremation process, you don’t need a traditional cardboard or wood casket. So, you can opt for silk cremation container or funeral urns that comes with stainless steel design and designed for water cremation.This container is used at the time of cremation cycle and can be used again.

Clothing options to explore

Since bio-cremation used the only protein-based material, and your deceased must wear leather, wool or silk, you can consume the clothing ay the time of cremation process. You can get silk robe or any other clothing to can use it during the bio-cremation process.

The future of Bio Cremation

It may sound insane, but yes, cremation by water prevails. It is a flameless cremation that offers ample benefits to the environment. Moreover, it is a great option for those who want to secure human race and earth from harmful components.

As people are becoming more conscious about the environment, they are opting it as the safest method and therefore, it is not wrong to say that bio-cremation will surely become more accepted like flame cremation in the coming future.



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