Columbarium or mausoleum: Above ground resting places

Perhaps, the death of a loved one is one of the most heartbreaking experiences in one’s life. When cremation is done, people look for the best options to secure ashes of their loved ones. With so many options to choose from, picking one can be confusing. While many choose to place them in a cemetery, some prefer to scatter them. If you want help from cemeteries, then you can get two popular options from them- Columbarium or mausoleum. Let’s read about them in detail-


This is a structure in a cemetery where you can place the urns of your loved ones. It is a place inside or outside with a glass or solid fronts for an inurnment of ashes or remains. These are specifically designed to carry two cremation urns.

You can visit the cemetery where you’ve placed the urns and honor with flowers. For many people, it is a great option. There are also cemeteries that permit private options as well. This means the plaques stating deceased names may not be accessible to everyone.

This is a great option for those who want to visit their loved ones privately. As compared to other ways, this is also a great option for those who want to spend some time alone memorizing the memories of their deceased loved ones. You will find a number of funeral homes that offer you with the right columbarium in your area.


This is another type of above ground burial spots, but it doesn’t require urns, but caskets. This is a permanent burial above the ground. It can be a structure or chamber used for the purpose of entombment. Or a place where numerous caskets are kept, sealed with crypt.

These caskets are kept in crypts that can be either shared or private with other members of the family. Some Mausoleum has a name engraved on the deceased on the front, while others don’t. Some have just a manner of symbols. It is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to honor your deceased loved ones.

Which is the right one to choose?

Many people often get confused between these two options. That whether the ashes should be saved in caskets or in urns. Cost is also a major factor that is considered. However, it has been seen that columbarium spots are the most affordable choice compared to Mausoleum. But if you are seeking a way to get buried over the other members of your family, then you should definitely consider Mausoleum.

To sum up

Losing a loved one is the toughest phase of anyone’s life as you are not going to see that person ever again. The pain and feeling are undefinable and can be the cause of forever pain. Whether you choose Mausoleum or columbarium, the main aim is to give honor to your loved ones after their demise. Therefore, you should choose the best way that seems appropriate for you and you give peace to your deceased loved ones. 

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