How Neptune Society provide Veteran Assistance

The veterans are those who’ve dedicated their lives serving country from enemies. They are the brave men and women who have sacrificed their lives selflessly in order to protect the country’s freedom.

There are many misconceptions about the assistance and benefits related to them when it comes to final arrangements. Whether you are life partner of the veteran or any family member, understanding the last arrangement process is important.

The veterans of United States are entitled to have their remains interred or buried in any National Cemetery at no charge. The Veterans Administration functions in around 125 cemeteries. Out of which 65 are open for new casketed interments and 21 are for accepting the remains only.

The options for burial are restricted to a particular cemetery but can also include interment of cremated remains or an in-ground casket or a scatter garden. These programs and benefits are run by the government and therefore, they may alter at any time.

Neptune Society plans your veteran cremation

The dedicated family services representatives of Neptune Society are well-trained to provide solutions to your questions about veteran cremation and also assist you to reap benefits related to planning and eligibility.

Burial Benefits

At the times when the veteran's inurnment or burial takes place in the country’s cemetery, the services of opening and closing of the grave has been performed. Government issue market or headstone at no cost. The spouse of the veteran is also eligible for benefits in national cemeteries even if they die before the veteran.


Neptune society helps you to pre-plan the funeral of veterans. They believe that pre-planning is a gift to anyone as it removes the financial burden and also honors the last wishes of the deceased.

However, the only thing veterans and their family need are having all the proper documentation especially Military Discharge form ‘DD214.’ This form can be a great help not only for the family but also for the funeral director who would be assisting with all the VA scheduling and documents.

A Presidential Memorial Certificate 

This certificate is an engraved document that has the signature of the current President, honoring the veteran and the sacrifices he made for the nation.

How does Neptune Society work for Veterans?

The Neptune society works with its partner firms in plenty of ways. At first, they have a table at convention associated to their partner firms and also vets at the convention can visit their table to get information about the burial and cremation benefits of the veteran and other related matters.

Apart from this, the Neptune Society also assists veterans and their loved ones to attain the government benefits and other memorial services they are entitled to.

To sum up

Usually, veterans already know that they are will receive the U.S flag, regardless the way they would be cremated. The Neptune Society makes the process easy for veterans and their family members. From documentation needed to peacefully executing last arrangements, they make sure the whole process goes smooth.


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