How to celebrate Life Everyday?


Life is the most beautiful creation of God. But, sometimes we feel that it is skipping fast especially when we are busy working, completing daily tasks and so on. Sometimes when small things in life get us down, it’s easy to forget all the good things we have had in our life.

So, at that moment, take a break from sad feelings, pick yourself up, smile and start celebrating an event called ‘Life.’ The day you start celebrating every day of your life, that is the day when you not only make yourself happy but also the people around you.

In this post, we are going to read out the best ways- how to celebrate life every day.

Be grateful for small things 

You don’t need to be grateful for big things only, but also for small things. It can be anything like your family, health, water, food, shelter or anything. When you see happiness in small things, you’ll be more likely focus from big things to small. Also, you will see more reasons to celebrate it.

Wake up every day being grateful for your life. Every day is a new day, so don’t forget to be thankful to God. Take out a few minutes every day to write or meditate what you are grateful for and carry this gratitude throughout the day.

Celebrate small accomplishments

Whether your achievement is small or big, never forget to celebrate it. Celebrate how great employee you are, or celebrate even if you’ve tried to cook a new cuisine. Don’t wait for others to appreciate you. Remember, happiness lies within. You don’t need a big day to celebrate, but if you celebrate all the little things, you will feel more content.

Do something you love

Every day is a new day when you love yourself. So, take some time for you. Take yourself for shopping, or walk. Go for a massage, spa, or give yourself a treat. When you take care of yourself you’ll take a better care of others as well.

Give compliments to others

One of the simple ways to spread gratitude is by complimenting others. When you compliment or praise others, you will bring a smile on their face and that will not only make others feel great, but you will also feel great when you become a reason of someone’s happiness.

Dance like no one is watching!

Dancing will not only relieve stress but also brings out the best feelings from you in a positive way. Dance is a celebration and something that should be carried out at least once in a day. If others join you, the celebration becomes merrier.

To sum up

We can’t bring old times back and we also don’t know when it’s our last birthday. But one thing we know is this life is a great blessing of God. If we celebrate this event called life, we will be happier than ever. Rather than deciding a day to celebrate, make your life is a party. After all, we have so much to appreciate and live for.


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