How to deal with death by suicide?

What is the first question comes to your mind, following a death by suicide of your loved one? What drives him/her to end the life? What thoughts were haunting him/her? Why were you not there to stop him/her?And more. Honestly, you don’t find answers of the question no matter how much you try. These questions will always remain unanswerable as the answers were buried with the deceased.

Obviously, the phase during which your loved one commit suicide is the most difficult especially for those who are left behind. In this post, we will talk about the ways to deal with this type of loss.

Suicide is usually misunderstood and has a large stigma that not only restricts the grieving process but keeps you from looking for the help you need at first. Let’s discuss some facts that you may or may not know about it.

Common emotional reactions 

Shock- The first reaction when you hear about the suicide of your loved ones is ‘Deep Shock.’ The most common expression is ‘I can’t believe.’ This feeling slowly goes away as you accept it.

Confused- Another common emotion is confusion. ‘Why this happened?’Why you are unable to understand what he/she was feeling? This feeling haunts you and you’ll be more confused. You just need to understand it better and accept what happens.

Guilt, anger, and Blame- When a loved one commits suicide, the feeling of guilt, anger, and blame is common. These feelings are for you, your deceased loved one, God, and other family members. But, remember, it’s not anyone’s fault.

Feeling of perceived abandonment and rejection-

When your closed one commits suits, the feeling of perceived abandonment and rejection is common. You often feel that you are not good enough and that’s why he/she left you. Honestly, it’s fine to feel so, but always remember, suicide is a complicated phase not only to the victim, but also those he/she left behind. Understand that this was the decision of your loved one because he was unable to deal with life’s challenges. You are simply not a reason.

How to Cope with the suicide of your loved one?

Meet your loved ones- After hearing about the suicide of the loved one, it’s quite obvious you may want to isolate yourself. But this won’t help. Reach out to your loved ones. Remember, they are also as upset as you are. When you meet your friends or relatives who also know this person, you are comforting your emotions.

Recall good memories- When you meet your loved ones, make sure to comfort each other by recalling the old good memories with the deceased. If you keep on looking for answers to the questions, you won’t find peace of mind. So, the best way is to recall old memories and the happy moments with the deceased.

Divert your mind- There are many ways by which you can divert your mind. Remember, having fun like going for a movie, drives are a few best ways to divert your mind.

Celebrate the life of your loved one

Honoring a relationship is one of the most important ways to give tribute to your loved ones. You can plant a tree in their memory or frame a photo or if cremated you can use a cremation urn. Remember the best moments you had with your loved ones and treasure them for life.

Wrapping the post

Suicide is a cowardly act. But if your loved ones have committed suicide then you won’t do anything to bring them back. You need to cope with all feelings related to it as we all know ‘ Life goes on.’

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