How to explain the concept of death to children?

Let’s face it- Death is an inevitable part of our lives. Still, most of the people often stepped back when it comes to explaining the concept of death to children.They believe that it will affect their childhood and maybe they step into depression. But, this is not the case. Talking about death with children can give them information and prepare them for a human loss. By explaining right information to the children about the concept of death, you are providing them a strong foundation and a healthy understanding of the dying and death process.

So, let's find out the right ways to explain the concept of death to the children.

Talking about death with children

Whether it is a death of your beloved pet or any loved one, explaining children about what happens to seem to be a challenge for parents. However, children are quite curious when they see dead birds, insects, and flowers and this is the right time when you can tell them that all living things eventually die one day.

Ways to explain the concept of death to children

Undoubtedly, a death of loved one is the most daunting time for both children and adults. As children are pretty confused about it, adults know all about it and they feel uncomfortable explaining the concept of death to the children.

Attending funerals 

If your kid has to attend a funeral, prepare them beforehand for what they might hear and see. Explain to them that it is a sad occasion and a few people will be crying and some will be feeling sad. If your child is not willing to attend the funeral, make sure not to insist them.


To heal our sorrows and to move on with our lives, we all need to mourn. By showing your tears and sorrow to the children, you are telling them how to feel sad when somebody dies. You should never show them that this is an event in which you should feel weak. Often children feel angry when they lose a close family member, so it’s your duty to provide them reassurance that they will be cared and loved for.

To sum up

Loss of a loved one can develop a lot of emotions in children as well as in adults. However, adults have the capacity to deal with this harsh reality of life, but for children, it could be a life-changing experience if they are not well taught and informed.

A grieving child needs a lot of reassurance that they are loved, safe and can say their heart out. When you prepare your children for an anticipated death, you are allowing them to understand how and why of it.



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