How to grief in today’s social media age?

We can’t deny the fact that social media is driving our lives to the large extent. From vacation, birthdays to marriage and funerals, if it is not online you are missing something. As you need to follow up with the latest trend. Right? Today, believe it or not, even grieving has also become online. It seems weird but actually true. People are grieving over the death of their loved ones on a social media platform. In this post, we are going to shed light on the ways to grief on social media. Let’s get in

Discovering about the tragedy

Social media is an amazing platform to bring awareness related to some tragedies. Even if you open your social media account, you can see if someone has passed away through a RIP. However, before social media, it takes many weeks or even sometimes month to get the news of someone’s death and when you know, you have already missed their memorial or funeral service. But with the advent of social media, now you can get the news effectively and quickly.

Arranging the Funeral

With Facebook around, it becomes quite easy to plan a memorial service. In the prior days before social networking, you would need to contact each relative and companion independently. This was the only one all the more thing you would need to stress over. Presently with a single click, you can interface with your whole friend network and family. Moreover, telling family and companions when and where the burial service will occur has never been less demanding. Organizing the memorial service includes basically posting the data on Facebook.

You are not alone

When a loved one dies, you often feel isolated and sad. But with the social media, you don’t need to suffer alone. Seeing help pour in from other family and companions who are similarly as sad by the passing as you are can help ease sentiments of being separated from everyone else in your grief.

Through Facebook, more individuals can get engaged with the grieving procedure without forcing excessively on the close family. At the time of tragedy, a support from social media helps you to get over your grief.

It Provides a New Avenue to Show Support

Social media gives a space to those that are not open to being powerless before other individuals to in any case offer their help. It likewise gives a chance to those that are far away to in any case indicate support regardless of whether they can't be physically present for the funeral service. Moreover, those that are not a part of the close family can, in any case, feel associated with others that know the expired individual and offer their help.

This can be taken considerably further when the demise of an open figure or VIP passes away. At the point when Robin Williams kicked the bucket, individuals from everywhere throughout the world demonstrated their love and thankfulness for Robin. All the commotion online additionally impelled a lot of awareness of emotional well-being issues that at last prompt Robin's demise.

Wrapping the post

At last, social media hasn't changed our grieving procedure as much as it's given us new channels to express and offer our anguish. Everybody will approach grief in an unexpected way. If individuals locate that social media encourages them lament than let it be. If individuals discover comfort in grieving secretly, than let them lament in peace. In any case, it isn't so essential how we lament or grieve, as it is the manner by which we develop from the circumstance.

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