How to Transport Deceased Body Across State

Your loved one has died in any other state? Need to transport their body to their native place? If you are concerned how you bring the deceased body across the state, then relax, as there are many options around.

Undoubtedly, transporting the dead body from one state to another is a complicated affair and therefore, understanding the whole process is important. If you are familiar with what to do and what not, you will reduce all sorts of legal disputes that could occur before and after transporting deceased body.

When planning to transport a dead body across the state, it is wise to take guidance from funeral home. Usually, most of the funeral homes can help you to make arrangements to transport body between cities or across the state.

Here are other things you need to consider when transporting a deceased body across the state.

The overall cost of transporting the body 

Most funeral homes can help you to transport the body across the state. They will charge a fee ranging from $1000 to $ 3000,00 and move the remains to deceased to another city or state. Other than funeral home costs, you will likely to pay fees to them.

Preparing Body for transportation

The cremation laws vary state-to-state. What applies in one state is completely different in others. Some state needs embalmed body if it leaves the state and some required embalmed body if it enters the state.

Moreover, some states need that deceased body is embalmed if it is transported through “common carrier” like trucking line, commercial bus or train. The cost of embalming ranges from $500 to $ 800. However, some religions like Islam and Judaism are against embalming.

Body Transportation Advice

Transferring a dead body to another state is a sensitive matter. Whether you want to transport human remains within the state or overseas, it is quite a common grieving family do not know where to start. So, it is suggested to get the assistance of an attorney to understand all the legal aspects related to it. The more you understand about terminology and protocols of funeral shipping, the more informed you’ll become about the process.

The process of transporting the body to state lines

When transporting deceased body within a short distance, your funeral provider offers you certain services at an extra mileage rate. While, on a long distance, the funeral service provider can help you to arrange a carrier by the mortuary transport company, which is actually designed to transport human remains.

In case, deceased will be or will not be embalmed in the city, a proper refrigeration method becomes necessary during transportation. The body of deceased may be placed in a refrigerated container or packed in ice.

If you need to transport the body of your deceased loved one mile away, then you have to check the airline regulations set by the government of both the states.

To Wrap up

Death arrangements across state lines depend on many factors like costs, government rules, culture etc. In case, a person is dying from a communicable ailment like smallpox, AIDS, HIV, rabies or hepatitis B, it is recommended to notify it while transporting to take extra precaution.

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