Interesting Facts About Cremation

For centuries, cremation has been considered a taboo practice in many cultures and countries. But today, it has become a popular practice over traditional burial and seen as a convenient practice especially when it comes to the financial point of view. Though, burial is associated with popular expressions like “dead ringer: and “saved by the bell,” cremation is also associated with some interesting facts.

Let’s have a look-

- In 1920, the United States holds only 20 crematories. However, by the year 2003, the figure increases to 1,800+ and it's still growing. 

- The first ever crematory in North America was built in 1876 in Washington, Pennsylvania.

- You can still hold a funeral after cremation. A number of worship places speak to the deceased family to make these arrangements. Then the keepsafe urns can be placed in some other location or may be buried with cemetery monuments.

- Many people store the ashes and remains of their loved ones in a significant location called columbarium. This structure can be a part of a church or a cemetery. People keep the ashes of their loved ones in cremation urns to remember their deceased loved ones.

- The temperature needs to be 1400 degrees to cremate a body and most columbaria make use of natural gas that helps in removing left organic compounds in the remains.

- Crematories are not large scale operations but can process one body at a time. In one crematorium, you may find a number of crematories.

- Cremation is not a lengthy process, but it takes only 2-3 hours. The extreme heat burns the body fast and turns it into ashes.

- The weight of remains is near between six to eight pounds and cremated remains are as same and heavy like a small bowling ball.

- Cremation urns do not carry ashes, but the remains are the bones which are ground by a machine into a substance that seems more like ashes.

- Metal objects like hinges, jewelry are usually broken down into smaller pieces at the time of cremation process. Then you can dispose of these metal pieces as per the state and federal laws.

- During cremation, silicone breast implants are removed from the body as cremains stick to the implant.

Where burial is permanent, cremation helps in travel. You can put the remains and ashes of your loved ones in the urns and can move to a country or city. This is a flexible option compared to burial. Moreover, the members of your family can keep ashes, or can make jewelry out of it, which is also a great option.

To sum up

Cremation is a popular process that has gained recognition in the last decade because of its environment-friendly features. While a number of baby boomers are choosing their remains to be cremated, the process has gained vast popularity compared to embalming processes and burial. Moreover, if you are looking a green way to cremate without breaking your bank, then this is the right option to go with.




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