Most Unique Ways to Preserve the Memory of your loved ones

Often those who have lost they're loved looks for the best way to hold the meaningful memories of the deceased. Although, it is quite challenging, yet it can be quite helpful to deal with the grief. With the passage of time, memories have an aptness to fade away till they are coming back to you occasionally. Luckily, there are ways to treasure memories always and that is through ‘Visual Stimulation.’ In this post, we are going to shed light on the 5 DIY ways/ideas that can help you to refresh the memories of your deceased loved one.

Let’s dive in

Create a new custom

Every religion or culture has their own customs when it comes to giving tribute to their loved one. If you want to make this event special then you can create your own tradition. It can be anything you like- Maybe praying in front of funeral urn or anything. The main aim of starting a new tradition is to refresh the memories of your deceased in a more creative and happy way. You can even plan a dinner and invite your family and friends every year to remember your loved one.

Create a memory pillow 

This is another most creative way to treasure the memory of your deceased loved one. All you need is their few clothes. Although, keeping clothes of your loved ones after their death is quite difficult and emotionally draining. But you can create a keepsake pillow. Also known as memory pillow, these are also a great gift to other members of the family.

Create a Scrapbook

This is yet another way to treasure memories of your loved one in a fun way. By creating a scrapbook, you can show it to your family, friends and tell your future generations about the deceased and refresh your memories. You can customize the scrapbook and pick a theme to bring all pictures together. This is also a great way that avoids you to lose the picture.

Creating a Mosiac from different photos

Do you have a digital copy of deceased photos? If yes, then creating mosiac is one of the great options to preserve the memory of your loved one. You can create a mosaic by collecting a hundred pictures to make one larger image. If you are unable to do it yourself, then you can take help of a software company to aggregate the photographs by color to create composite portraits and pictures.

Apart from these, there are a number of creative ideas available that can make remembering your loved ones easy.

To wrap up

Getting over the death of your loved one is the most difficult phase in one’s life. And another most daunting part is to overcome that time and memories. The cliche time heals all wounds is indeed true. But if you still way to treasure memories of your loved one then you can use one of these ways and show admiration to your deceased loved one.




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