Neptune Memorial Reef- Underwater Final resting place for your loved ones

With so many ways to cremate your loved ones, one of the most amazing ways is under water Neptune Memorial Reef. Located about 3.25 miles in the cost of Key Biscayne in Florida, you will discover Neptune Memorial Reef that is an underwater world created by Neptune Society. It is basically a cemetery for the final rest when you bid adieu to the world one day. 

This underwater graveyard is also an artificial reef system that will keep on flourishing and also a habitat for marine wildlife. It covers a vast area of 600,000 sq. Feet along with a depth of 40 feet. Anyone who wants to bury their loved one at the city can send cremated remains by mail or in person.

The remains are mixed with sand and cement and poured into starfish or shell-shaped mold and added to the reef. Even if family members want to become a part of the entire process, they can become a part either by watching from a boat or by scuba diving.  

If you want remains of your family members or yours to become a part of Neptune memorial reef then you’ll decide which part of the reef you wish to join. You will have 15 burial location to choose from ranging from standard placements, exclusive to premium. One of the oldest living scuba drivers is Shipwreck diver Bert Kilbride. He has got his name mentioned in Guinness World Records as well for his services at the reef gate.

A Glimpse into NMR by Neptune Society

All through the reef, memorial stones are set in memory of the individuals who have passed on, and the cremated remains are blended with concrete to frame the different highlights of the reef systems.

Pathways, benches, statues, plaques, and gates influence the reef to appear like a memorial ground or cemetery. This underwater graveyard is another, the enhanced choice for the individuals who might more often than not wish to be cremated and after that have their remains scattered at the sea.


If you wish to be remembered in the Neptune Memorial Reef, then the remains of the deceased should be cremated first and then mixed with concrete. This blend is then shaped into any form like coral, shells, sea stars or anything and marked with the deceased name and placed in the water or structures of the lost city. Neptune Memorial reef carefully maintains the structures of make sure memorials are visible without disturbing the reef.

Certified divers will have the capacity to plummet 45 feet underneath the sea's surface to visit their friends and family's last resting place among the structures of this interesting masterful rendering of the Lost City of Atlantis. Non-divers may snorkel, swim, or disperse blooms in recognition of their friends and family as they make the most of their trip over the quiet waters of the Memorial Reef.



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