The process of cremation in Neptune Memorial Reef

In American’s funeral industry, The Neptune Memorial Reef is a set of two different trends: Environment-friendly burials and statistic of cremation in America. Located a few miles from the Key Biscayne in Miami, FL, the Neptune Society is one of the biggest man-made marine reefs on the planet. Among this reef is a funeral landmark built with submerged statuary and pathways, where the ashes or remains of several individuals rest finally. For those who are looking for environment friendly way to cremate, this is the best option.

The Process

The burial process at the Neptune Memorial is quite different. In this places, remains are blended in with non-permeable concrete and shaped into the design picked by the perished. These vessels are framed into oceanic shapes, for example, seashells and other marine life. A bronze plaque is then attached to the container to distinguish the individual revered.

The relatives and loved ones of deceased may travel by boat to be present for the placing of their loved one’s remains in the underwater memorial, where they are afforded the chance to dive down 40 feet to visit the final resting place. The Neptune Memorial Reef is open to the public; it is accessible to those who are familiar with its deceased members, as well as other visitors, like recreational divers, who wish to behold the wonder and majesty of the Atlantean grave.

The plan of the memorial is designed symmetrically where the centrepiece is a large urn placed squarely between four benches. One enters the site through a swinging gate, where they are greeted by steps leading to a platform, flanked by two classically rendered lions, and a pillared square supporting stone garlands.

The cremation containers are put in emanating plans that encompass the focal structure. Since this is altogether incorporated with a real reef, it is buzzing with action — from ocean growth becoming out from the brick work to schools of fish that occupy its environs. The climate fits fanciful statures; overflowing with ocean life, the remembrance's antiquated appearance gives a false representation of its current age.

The reef itself has changed a barren 16 sections of land of ocean depths into a submerged wild, where various types of creatures are available. As much a rebuilding venture as it is an burial site, the Neptune Memorial Reef works in consistence with nature, whose abundance surpasses the assigned man-made plot to benefit the world past. 


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