Things to consider when planning a Green Funeral

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With so many cremation and funeral options available, many people prefer to go green. This funeral is good for those who lived eco-conscious lives and want to conserve their lasting legacy. The concept of Green cremation was opened in 1998, since then it has grown significantly. Green cremation is one of the best ways to give a treat to both environment and deceased loved ones. So, if you are seeking Green funeral as your last resting place, then here are a few tips you should consider-

Why Green Funeral?

There is a wide assortment of reasons people prefer green funeral. These reasons are s- a respect for the human body, wish to get back to nature, need for authenticity, and honoring religious beliefs.

Talk to your loved ones

The foremost thing, you need to do is- talk to your family about the green funeral. There are chances that your loved one might not familiar with Green funeral. So you have to explain to them what is a green funeral and why you need it. By consulting with your family, you can also avoid any sort of misunderstanding in the future. It also helps you to provide the right information to them by telling them your preference.

Pick between Cremation or Burial

When you pick green funeral, it can encompass a number of services. Some may prefer to undergo cremation while another pick to use gree procedures compared to traditional burial. Rather than using contemporary burial things like hardwood coffins, concrete enclosures, and embalming, a green funeral includes no chemical preservatives. Even the individual pick either decomposable or a shroud casket.

Settle on a Final Resting place

When seeking green funeral, you need also look for the final resting place. People who choose cremation can pick a decomposable cremation urn or ash scattering ceremony. People who choose a ground burial are usually placed in the specific area at the cemetery grounds. In order to make the grave, a person can pick a tree, bush or fieldstone.

Reasons to have Green Funeral

Today, many people are concerned with the impact of human on the earth. By choosing green funeral, or being buried in natural burial ground or green cemetery, you are impacting less on the environment and reducing your carbon footprint as well.

Cost of Green Funeral

The cost usually depends on the services, goods and burial plot and compared to traditional cremation, these are less expensive as well. You can buy biodegradable shroud or casket that costs less than a traditional casket. There is no concrete vault or chemical embalming that results in fewer costs.

To sum up

When planning a green burial, it is important to look for cemeteries and mortuaries that are certified to prepare deceased body for a green burial,

For many people, green burial is considered as a good option because it impacts less on the environment. Usually, Muslim funeral traditions and Jewish funeral traditions prefer green burial may be a convenient way to meet the needs of their religious law. 

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