Things you should know about Cremation Urns

If you have heard about cremation urns, but never seen it, chances are you need to know what are these? Why do you need to buy one? How to use? What things should you know about them? Right? So, in this post, we will have a clear overview of what is cremation and urns and things you should know about them.

Let’s dive in

It is just a container 

A cremation urn is just a container, capsule, box or vessel – which just holds the ashes of deceased after cremation. If you are not too much emotion you can keep it in just a coffee can or bag. The funeral urn is usually made of ceramic, wood or any other material.

Even if you are looking for a creative urn then you can get many options in biodegradable eco-friendly vessels and hand-made ceramic urns. Even urns like marble & granite, metal, cornstarch or even paper and are best to be used for growing a memorial tree.

Buying urn from cremation home is not necessary

There is no compulsion that you have to buy an urn from cremation or funeral home only. You can also create and design your own or buy from any physical or online store as well. There are no any protocols that you have to buy urns from funeral or cremation home only.

Because of the advent of online stores, today people prefer buying online after comparing prices and other aspects. So, the choice is completely yours. Whether you want to buy an urn from a funeral home, physical store, or online store, it’s your call.

Urn Capacity Matters not exteriors

Many people often get confused when it comes to the capacity and size of the urn. Since most of the urns have decorative edges and exterior dimensions, but the most important thing to consider is the right size that can hold the ashes well. The capacity of the urn is measured in cubic inches which can easily hold ashes or remains of deceased weighing 200lbs roughly.

Exterior measurement is just for the placement

The exterior measurement of the urn depends on its usage. If you want to place it into a columbarium nice, then you definitely want to ensure that its exterior dimensions will fit well.

Or if you want to place it on a shelf or mantle or any particular area, make sure to consider its exterior dimensions. If you have enough space to keep the urn then you don’t have to worry about space, but if you have limited space, then it is wise to look for the dimensions precisely.

Funeral home transfers remain for you

Many people have different views about funeral homes. But most of them are good enough taking care of you in this tough time. They will transfer the ashes and remains in your desired urn. If you are not feeling good transferring the remains into the cremation urns on your own, the funeral director will bring both permanent and temporary urns and their staff will complete the transfer process in a few minutes, without any hassle.

To sum up

A cremation Urn is one of the most important things you need after your loved one expires. It not only keeps remains or ashes of your loved one but also you can treasure memories of your loved one forever.




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