What you should wear in A Funeral

With the Bible phrase- Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the custom of wearing black clothing to funerals is linked. Wearing black clothing symbolizes the dust and ashes of the earth to which all humanity will merge.  Unless a family communicates an interest for guests to wear apparel of a particular colour or style, funeral outfits are for the most part classic, conservative as well as understated. So, let’s read out what women and men should wear while attending a funeral.

Correct Funeral Clothing for Women

Conservative and classic

A woman can wear a simple dress or a business suit with a cardigan or blazer while attending the funeral. It shows a reverent attitude and legacy. A woman should wear an attire that covers her knees and shoulders properly. This is the right way to show respect to the deceased and his/her family.

Delicate and Subtle

Unless you’ve been asked to wear a particular colour, always wear soft and subtle colour when going to attend the funeral. The best colours here are- taupe, navy, black and grey.

Sophisticated accessories and jewellery

Take special care of accessories and jewellery you wear while going to a funeral. It should be simple and sophisticated. The way you dress up present yourself as a serious mourner who is willing to give support.

Comfortable and Unadorned

When attending a funeral, it means you have to stand on your feet and walking most probably. You don’t get time to sit and relax, especially when attending a graveside service. So, it is suggested to wear some comfortable ballet flats, understated boots and low heeled court shoes depending on the funeral dress code.

Practical and seasonal clothing

Death is inevitable. You never know when you need to say goodbye to your loved ones. So, it's better to be prepared for all weathers. You can bring a Pashmina, a hat, a jacket or umbrella. Also, taking an extra handkerchief is a great practical idea.

Correct Funeral Clothing for Men

Just like women, men also have to follow some attire ethics while attending funerals. Let’s talk about those ethics in details-

Classic and Crisp

Men can wear anything like navy, grey or black classic cut suit. It represents a perfect funeral. A white collared shirt along with understated tie is the right choice to complete the funeral outfit!

Conservative and understated

Rather than restricting yourself to understated accessories, men should explore a number of jewellery choices such as neck chains, wristbands, cuff links and tie pins. It looks conservative and sophisticated.

Neat and Clean

Wearing net and clean funeral attire is a great way to honour the deceased. It shows you consideration and cares for the deceased family and friends. When preparing attire for the funeral, make sure your hairs are properly trimmed. This grooming effort shows a lot about your concern and respect for the occasion.

Considerate and Prepared

Make sure you have a dress for all season. You should carry jacket or umbrella if you think the weather will be harsh. Carry extra tissues and comfort the loved one of deceased when needed. This act of kindness is always appreciated.

To sum up

Quite obvious, the funeral dress code depends on religious as well as cultural traditions.



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