Which is the best choice- Green Cremation or Green Burial?

After the death of an individual, the immediate action is to dispose of his/her body and for that people either choose burial or cremation. Regardless what type of action you are looking for, it is always suggested to with GREEN option that keeps your environment and human race safe.

Green burial or cremation is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an eco-friendly way than traditional burial. Moreover, there are a number of benefits it entails. If you are confused whether to choose green cremation or burial, this post is for you!

Let’s dig in

What is cremation? 

This is a process of body disposal that is a modern alternative to burial in a casket or coffin. The remains of a deceased are kept in a cremation container and then reduced to basic chemical elements like mineral fragments, ashes, and gases which are known as cremains. This is an affordable option compared to traditional burial.

What is Burial?

On the other hand, burial is a disposal of human remains by depositing in a tomb, a grave or in the earth. Topography and climate determine if the burial will be burned, placed in the water, exposed in the air or buried under the ground.

Green Cremation Vs. Green Burial

Let’s face it- Compared to burial, cremation is a greener alternative, but it requires a lot of energy and also creates air pollution. Although new filters and burners have made cremation a less polluted process, but crematoriums still release mercury, carbon dioxide, and dioxin-like chemicals into the environment. People who are conscious regarding keeping their environment safe always consider green burials or even though cremations.

Tips to make Green Cremation

Undoubtedly, today, people are opting for Green cremation because it is less expensive than traditional burial. If you are also looking to make a cremation eco-friendly, follow these tips

- Choose direct cremation to skip embalming

- Consider burial at sea or scatter the ashes or remains

- Get a biodegradable funeral urn for the ashes and remains

- Permit your funeral service to recycle medical metals and parts.

- Consider bio-cremation

- Choose a cremation provider that use filtering to reduce pollutants or energy efficient furnace.

- Pick a cremation container or casket made of non-toxic products like recycled cardboard.

Tips to make Green Burial

When your loved one departs, the only thing you should be looking for is how to make their burial eco-friendly. So, here are a few tips to transform a traditional burial to green.

1. Bypassing a marble or concrete headstone altogether.

2. Get biodegradable burial pods that are made of natural materials to keep the remains or ashes within the captivity of the pod which can nourish a memorial tree planted on its surface.

3. Rather than using fire, use alkaline hydrolysis method to liquefy the soft body tissues of the deceased.

Regardless what option you choose, it is always important to opt for the green option. After all, it’s all about returning the body back to the soil in its natural form.


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