Why Biodegradable Urn For Water Scattering Is a Great Idea

Today, cremation has become one of the popular ways to bid adieu to a deceased person. With it’s growing trend, the rise in its products has also been increased to a large extent. Whether you are looking for urns to be buried, scattering water or to display in the house, you may get plenty of options. Where many people prefer Keepsake Urns For Ashes, some like to use biodegradable urn for scattering water.

When picking a biodegradable urn for water scattering, make sure you are picking the right one to avoid any sort of hassle, especially leakage.

Every urn is different

Not every urn is alike. Some are made for earth burial and others are to display at home. Make sure you have inquired with the manufacturer or funeral director if you have picked the right urn for water burial.

Plastic bag keeps ashes and remains safe

The most common problems with water scattering urns are the use of the incorrect bag. Usually, they find that funeral facility has not transferred it to the right bag. The regular plastic bag is kept inside the urn as it is sealed and no one comprehends if the plastic used inside is regular plastic or real plastic.Due to this urn doesn’t sink.

It is a Natural choice

The most obvious advantage of the biodegradable urn is its eco-friendly nature. The material they are made will dissolve the ashes to the earth in a responsible and gentle way. These are usually made of resin and sand.

Simple to scatter ashes

For most people scattering ashes of a loved one can be an emotional rollercoaster. The remains of their loved ones are the most precious thing for them and with this urn, it can be gently placed in the water without seeing the sign of ashes mixing in the water.

Memorial tree planting

The biodegradable urn is designed to place ashes in the paper compartment and then planted inside the earth in the memorial area. It allows ashes to mix in the earth, allowing the tree roots reach down to the level of ashes. The tree will grow on the ashes and you can visit it as a memorable tree for your loved one.


With the growing trend of a cremation urn, you may get many options to choose from. You can also check with your cremation provider and funeral home as well.

A good quality urn is made of lightweight material and choosing it for the cremation is one of the sound decision that your loved one's ashes would be laid to rest in the most beautiful and natural way that may comfort both you and your family.

The cremation urns are available in wide assortment of styles and are made of eco-friendly materials. This can be a great gift you can dedicate to your loved ones after their demise. The biodegradable urn is the best choice when it comes to keeping ashes or remains of your loved ones, treasuring memories for lifetime.



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