Why you should choose Neptune Society for Cremation?

Neptune society has gained recognition for a long time. Where some people prefer burial and some cremation, the debate about the most preferred method is still going on. However, cremation with Neptune society has become the preferred choice of many people as it comes with ample benefits. From immediate needs, veterans benefits to memorial reef services and keepsake catalog, you will get everything under one roof. So, let’s find out the reason to choose Neptune society for cremation.

Long History

Neptune Society was started in 1973 with a mission to provide dignified and reasonable cremation solution for families. Their services are not only restricted to cremation, but they also offer veterans benefits. Memorial Reef Memorialization and prearrangement planning. 

Affordable Cremation 

With Neptune society, you don’t need to worry about your pocket, as they are known as the least expensive cremation services in America. You can find them in 45 nations worldwide and the numbers are still growing. They are the most reliable and affordable cremation service provider that offers a protection plan allowing you to move your cremation plans anywhere in the US. 

One call away

When you report a passing to Neptune Society they will advise you the complete planning process. A family service representative or a funeral director will speak to you and provide you complete information in the signatures and documentation are required to execute the cremation service.

Service you are looking for

The main motive of pre-planning is to provide you and your family some relaxation as the time passes. Pre-arrangement services at Neptune society allow you to gain control on how you wish to carry out the cremation service. There are ample benefits of pre-planning service like locked prices so you won’t have to pay extra or over rates, if the price increases in the future. Instead of worrying about payment and cremation arrangements, you can concentrate on other things. 

Veteran Benefits

When you contact cremation with Neptune society, you will obtain your veterans benefits as well. As per the US dept. Of Veterans Affairs, an eligible veteran can be inurned or buried in any of the 131 national cemeteries that have free space.

Even if a veteran is eligible, he/she may receive $300 reimbursements towards a cremation or funeral service, a perpetual care, a President Memorial Certificate and a free marker of the headstone. Apart from this, they will also provide you Memorial Reef to memorialize the remains of your loved ones.

Customer Service

Regardless what you wish to know about cremation services, Neptune Society got you covered. Whether you are looking to know about the process of cremation, costs or any aspect related to it, they will provide you with the most dignified and affordable cremation services.

To sum up

The Neptune Society is a leading cremation provider and also one of the largest publically traded cremation companies in the US. It offers a wide assortment of cremation services like cremation pre-planning, direct cremation, veteran’s cremation services, and at-need cremation services.

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